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B.O.P.P. Plain & Printed Film
Self Adhesive Tear off Tapes
P.O.F. Shrink Film
P.V.C. Shrink Film
Food Grade P.V.C. Cling Film
L.L.D.P.E. Stretch Wrap Film
Plain & Printed Pouches
Banding / Bundling tape
Pouches for Vaccum Packaging
Pouches for Medical Disposables
Packaging / Carton Window Patching
/ Lamination Film
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Shrink Packaging Machine
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Our Tear Off Tapes run on all widely used Packaging & Over wrap Machines and are suitable for most types of Packaging virtually any product.

The Tear Tape range is just as varied as the applications it serves, either it can be individually customized or can be selected from the Standard Range available with us.

  •   A variety of run lengths available on spools
  •   Application by Pressure or temperature
  •   Many different widths
  •   Customized Graphics

Choices available with us:

  1. Color Self Adhesive Series
  2. Transparent Self Adhesive Series
  3. Metalized Self Adhesive Series
  4. Holographic Series
  5. Plain Text Self Adhesive Series


  1. Easy Opening
  2. Brand Enhancement
  3. Brand / Product Security

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