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B.O.P.P. Plain & Printed Film
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P.O.F. Shrink Film
P.V.C. Shrink Film
Food Grade P.V.C. Cling Film
L.L.D.P.E. Stretch Wrap Film
Plain & Printed Pouches
Banding / Bundling tape
Pouches for Vaccum Packaging
Pouches for Medical Disposables
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/ Lamination Film
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Our Bundling and Banding Film Roll is ideal for securing loose items. It is an alternative to Tape, Strapping or Wire. Sticks only to itself - Leaves no residue & easy to remove. It is use for banding and strapping currency, bank notes, mail, parcels, supplies, computer printouts, printed or copied materials, printed empty cartons etc......

Advantages :

Corner protecting No product damages because the film and paper bands can be applied soft.

Information It is possible to add actual printed information fully automatically on
the paper and film bands during banding. e.g. EAN-code, customer information, expiring date, article and serial-no., prices and sales, etc...

Presentation Paper and film bands can be printed according to your requirements. Therefore a simple standard packaging is not only used for holding together but also for enhancing your product presentation

Difficult shapes Due to the flexible materials it is no problem to band simple as well as difficult, complex shapes

Economical, quick and clean The most important properties for the integration in automatic processes

Various paper and film qualities For every application the right materials


  •   Food - salad packs, twin packs, dry and humid environments
  •   Pharmaceutical - including clean rooms
  •   Medical Product Banding
  •   Banking Currency and Security Documents
  •   Printing and Graphics
  •   Mailing Cartons
  •   Direct Mail Inserts
  •   Food Trays for the the Airline Industry..... and many more industries and   applications


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