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Packaging / Carton Window Patching / Lamination Film

Window Patching is a process in which a Box, Carton or paper bag Manufacturer / Offset Press would put a patch of Clear Film to display the Product. The Purpose of this process is to display the product while Protecting Product Integrity.

Expectations from the Film :

  • An Excellent Clarity
  • Stiffness together with a flatness
  • Wrinkle Free Surface
  • Good adhesion to most glues

We supply individual roll widths, lengths or cut sheet sizes to meet your precise requirements. Mostly 100 Mic. to 240 Mic. P.V.C. or Polyester Films being used in an Industry.

Application / Usage

  •   Tissue boxes, dispenser boxes (surgical masks & gloves)
  •   Hardware, cosmetics, glassware & Pharmaceutical.
  •   Baked Goods, Chocolates, Cosmetics & Pasta


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