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PVC is a rigid and a versatile polymer. PVC films have excellent thermo-formability, good chemical resistance and optimized protection. They have been a major contributor to food safety, both protecting and preserving food.

Shrink-wrapping is a simple, attractive and inexpensive packaging solution. It displays and protects the product, is clean and tamper evident.

They are tough, durable and highly versatile. Impact is perfect for a wide range of applications. They offer superior clarity, gloss, and sheen and are puncture resistant.

Shrink-wrapping is an investment in the appearance and appeal of any product.

You will find all of our PVC shrink wrap packaging products such as PVC shrink bags in square, rectangle and domed or arched shape


Typical applications include Environmental Protection, Corrosion Protection, Moisture Sealing, Mechanical Protection, Color - Coding and Stains Protection.

It is used for outer packaging of a number of products including

  •   Cooked Food Carton
  •   Books, Magazines
  •   Stationery & Office Supplies
  •   Soaps & detergent bars in Multi Pack
  •   Aerosol Cans of Pesticides, Perfumes, Deodorants etc
  •   Video tapes, CD, DVD etc
  •   Phones, Calculators etc.

Leading beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical manufacturers uses these films.

Our PVC Shrink Films are available in variety of Thicknesses and Shapes

  •   Shrink Bands
  •   Neck Bands
  •   Shrink Sleeves
  •   Shrink Labels
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