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Poly Olefin Shrink films are bi-oriented multi-layer film. It is available in 13, 15, 19 and 25 micron. It is a center fold film which can be run on a wide range of Shrink Machine, be it Automatic or Semi-Automatic Machines


It is an Environmentally Friendly material too.

Products Applications

  •   Food Products
  •   Beverage and Household Articles
  •   Drugs and Health-care Products
  •   Outer / Collective Packing
  •   Plastic Household & Industrial Goods
  •   Hardware Packing
  •   Stationary & Toys
  •   Books, Periodicals & Note Books Packing
  •   Electronic and AV Products


  •   Moderate Air Barrier
  •   Flexible Tenacity and Hermetic Sealing
  •   Low - temperature Sealing
  •   Non - Brittle & Damp - Proof


  1. Its uniform thickness and shrinkage rate up to 70% makes it suitable for all kinds of unique wrapping.
  2. Its high diaphaneity and flexibility ensures a perfect wrapping.
  3. Its anti-frozen property makes it keep good flexibility even at the temperature of -50¡æ.
  4. Its high anti-extension strength makes it applicable for manual, semiautomatic and high speed packers.

Our Product Specialty

1. Tight sealing and perfect welding performance

It possesses high performance of welding and sealing , and good weldability at low temperature. The welding and sealing range is also wide.

2. High shrinkage and excellent performance

Its heat shrinkage rate which is up to 70% can provide appropriate plasticizing protection for all kinds of special-shaped products as well as smooth and natural wrapping.

3. Airproof wrapping, dust and damp resistance

The unique oxygen insulation layer produced in the 3-layer compound process has the appropriate airtight, damp proof and insulation properties, which is thoroughly avoid of dust.

4. Fine thermal sealing and easy wrapping properties

Its fine heat sealing property makes it easy for operation, yet without occurrence of film break, and therefore, applicable to high speed packers.


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