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The Laminated Pouches are used for packing all kinds of items in prescribed quantities. The Laminated Pouches or Sachets provide sealing safety. They are just perfect for packing all kinds of personal care products & Other Powders. The greatest advantages of pouches are that they have excellent printability with easy tearing material. Laminated Pouches are available in various sizes, shapes and materials. These pouches or sachets give out the clear message and with attractive labels& convenient to use. These are customer friendly owing to the options of spout, zipper, handle etc.

Features of Laminated Pouches

Depending on the materials to be kept inside the pouch, different features are incorporated in these pouches such as:

  •   High quality laminated material.
  •   Suitable for packing liquid and solid stuffs.
  •   Suitable for frozen packaging.
  •   Can be used for microwavable heating.
  •   Suitable for high-speed automation packing machines.
  •   Excellent printing effect.
  •   They are a good barrier to gas, light, moisture, and smell.
  •   Wide range heat sealing temperature.
  •   Good laminating strength.
  •   Good for gas flushing.
  •   Ensures food hygiene and environment protection.

Styles of packaging pouches

  •   Stand up pouch
  •   Multi color pouches
  •   Centre seal pouches
  •   Side seal pouches
  •   Off shape pouches
  •   Flat, gusseted pouches


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